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Hinchinbrook Island - The walk

Trip: Chillagoe Caves Expedition - 2006

Posted at: 2006-08-18 @ 11:50:08

16th of July
I awoke to the sound of rain on the tent. Seems the bad weather we had so far been lucky with had finally caught up with us.

After staying in the tent for awhile I heard the rain ease and I decided to getup and at least have breakfast, everyone else had the same idea.
Today was to be our "rest" day, where we would spend the day exploring Zoe Bay and generally being lazy. However with the rain we decided that we might as well get walking, we were also expecting that we might not be able to cross the Diamantina Creek due to the rain and may have to camp there until the water went down.

So we packed up the wet tents and luckily the rain stopped for just long enough to get the gear packed up which was very nice.
We then walked up past Zoe Falls in what was probably the steepest climb of the whole walk. With the rain clouds sitting very low on the hills and the look of the tress made this section of the walk look very like Tasmania without the cold!

Once the assent was complete is was basically back down towards Mulligan falls.
We passed the turn off to Sunken Reef Bay however we decided that was probably something we could walk back to, as we still had a spare day.
We came to Diamantina Creek which was flowing strongly but was no where near impassable. It was much like South Zoe creek which we had crossed several times during the day.

We had lunch at Diamantina and then moved onto the Mulligan Falls camp area. The rain seemed to really have set in, it was really starting to get wet and for the tropics a little on the cool side.
We arrived at Mulligan Falls mid-afternoon. After picking tent sites we had a look at the falls, which were amazing and really flowing! One of the group who has done this walk 5 times so far said he had never seen them like that.
The question was then raised what to do for the rest of the day? A couple of the group decided to go to bed and sleep the rain away. It was also decided that we would see if we could catch the ferry out a day early as there were others who were leaving tomorrow as well.

After cooking dinner in the rain there was not a lot else to do but head into the tent, which in my case was somehow still somewhat dry on the inside and go to bed.

I don't have any photos for the day as I put my camera in a dry bag to keep dry during the rain.

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