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Hinchinbrook Island - The walk

Trip: Chillagoe Caves Expedition - 2006

Posted at: 2006-08-20 @ 20:55:33

17th of July
Today was supposed to be our second last day on the island, but due to all the rain we decided to pull out today.
Having booked the ferry off the island for the 18th we were unsure if we would be able to get on it. We had decided that we would walk to George point (the ferry pickup point) anyway and if there was room great! If not then we would camp the last night at George point
I awoke early as I take a long time to eat breakfast, the rain had stopped aside from the odd large drop from the overhanging trees.
After packing up the very wet tent and wondering if I would be using it again this trip we set off for George point which was around 8KM away.
The first part of the walk was in forest however it was not long before we walked out onto a beach (Mulligan Bay).
Mulligan Bay

Mount Straloch

George point

From there we walked right along the beach to George point, were it looked like we were really close to the mainland. In-fact we had mobile reception! We gave the ferry people a call and asked if they would have room, sure thing, they would run the ferry twice if need be.

Hinchinbrook island

Once off the island we had a short bus ride from Lucinda back to cardwell right back were we started 4 days earlier!

It was a great walk and even though the weather was at times less than nice, it could have been a whole heap worse! The views were amazing and the walk itself is not that hard.
I highly recommend it!

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