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The Towers

Trip: Chillagoe Caves Expedition - 2006

Posted at: 2006-08-30 @ 09:52:24

The whole idea of the trip was caving!
One of the things that is very different about Chillagoe caves is the "tower" the caves exist in.
The Towers

These towers rise right up from the flat savanna style plan and the caves infact are IN the towers.
A lot of the caves infact do not go below "ground level" with all of the cave being in the limestone tower

These limestone towers are surprisingly tall.
Its a long way down!

Another remarkable thing about these towers is how hard moving around on them can be.
One day we spent an hour and a half trying to find a cave. It should be noted that hour and a half was spent walking up one valley on a tower than then walking the 100 metres back to get into the other valley!
As if that's not bad enough the rock on the towers is really sharp! It has these ridges on the rock which will tear holes in you.

However this sharpness was also a saving grace as it made climbing the towers to get to the caves somewhat easier.
Tower Climbing

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