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Trip: Chillagoe Caves Expedition - 2006

Posted at: 2006-09-02 @ 18:27:00

After much procrastinating I have finally done the photo slide show.
The truth of the matter is that the slide show has been done for weeks, however it took me awhile to get around to encoding it out.

The slide show comes in two formats.

H.264 (Quicktime)
Large 640x480 (35MB)
Small 320x240 (16MB)

WMV (Windows Media Player)
Large 640x480 (35MB)
Small 320x240 (29MB)

The highest quality video is the Large H.264 video.

This is also the last post about my great trip north. I hope you have enjoyed reading all the posts. If you are only new to the trip story visit the trip page

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