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Trip: Chillagoe Caves Expedition - 2006

Posted at: 2006-08-05 @ 11:51:34

We were going to spend 5 days on the island, in terms on food we needed 5 lunches, 4 breakfasts and 4 dinners plus a spare meal in case of emergencies.

It was decided that the group should be broken up into groups of 2. In my case we both carried our own tents, shared the cooking gear and we each carried 2 dinners and did our own thing for breakfast and lunch.

The first dinner I took was pasta (enough for 2), 1 85g of tuna and dried mushrooms.
The second dinner was also pasta (enough for 2) with a powdered curry pasta sauce.

My lunches consisted of the large vita weat biscuits six per lunch, 2 sticks of salami (1/3 per day), 2 blocks of parmesan cheese, 1 mini tube of philadelphia cream cheese per day, one jar of semi sun dried tomatoes, 1 squeezable tube of vegemite.
Lunch Parmesan Parmesan
As you can probably see I took far too much food for lunch! I hardly ate any of the sun dried tomatoes and very little vegemite, I also took too much cheese!

Breakfast was 4 weetbix with some dried apple and milk powder all in a single zip lock bag.

I also took enough muesli-bars to have 2 each day, a few tea bags and some milk powder.
All dinners and lunches were in their own individual zip lock bags. With dinners being in one stuff-sack, and lunch and breakfast in another.

Sleeping Gear
The tent is a small two person tent and weighs in at just over 2KG.
Sleeping bag was a +5degree rated synthetic sleeping bag with a silk liner.
I took a thermarest camping mat which was great!

Cooking Gear
The stove was an MSR whisper-lite stove using shelllite. We took 1 litre of fuel which was far too much as we only used around 350ml. A single 650ml bottle would have been enough.
We used a small billy and trangia bowl along with our own cutlery, bowls and cups for eating.
I also took 2 cigarette lighters, 1 pack of matches in a water proof bag along with the cleaning equipment for the MSR.

3 shirts, 2 long sleeve and 1 short, 1 pair of shorts and one pair of long pants with zip off legs. 3 pairs of thick socks, 2 Pairs of underpants. 1 thermal top, 1 raincoat, 1 fleece top and a hat.

Having a good pair of boots is MOST important, they will be the only shoes you have and you want them to be very comfortable.
I have a pair of Scarpa ZG65 and I was very happy with them.

My pack is a macpac ravine which is around 70lt. The ravine which is very simple pack but functions very well. I also took a waterproof pack liner which was a lifesaver and a MUST TAKE! Some of the group took waterproof pack covers however the liners were better.

Misc gear
2lt drinking bladder with a wide mouth. First aid kit. Sunscreen and insect repellent.
toilet paper.
Toothbrush, deodorant
Light weight towel - I took one of those super absorbent ones
Sharp knife. Head torch. Length of cord

My pack weight was around the 17KG mark with water. Although I was aiming for 15KG and probably would have got that if my walking partner and I had not decided to carry separate tents due to the wet.

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