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Trip: Chillagoe Caves Expedition - 2006

Posted at: 2006-08-07 @ 02:14:59

After all the weeks/months of planning, wondering what gear to take and trying to keep life at home running, it was time to leave!

Packing the gear up (click photo to go to flickr page)
Storing it all out


All the gear packed up for the whole trip

We were going to walk over Hinchinbrook island first so we needed to get from Sydney to Cardwell where the ferry for the island leaves from.

I was travelling in a Pajero Inter-cooled turbo diesel 4wd with 2 others from the same caving group. We are also travelling in convoy with another 4wd that has another 2 members of the club.We had arranged to stay the first night at Kyogle with a mate of one of my travelling companions. Kyogle is a nice little place around 70KM short of the Queensland border.

From Kyogle, made for Bundaberg where we were able to stay with ex member of the club who was coming to Chillagoe but skipping the walk.
The change in country once we went over the border into Queensland was quickly noticeable. As we got near Bundaberg we saw the first cane fields. With the sun setting into the distance the roads leading into the cane fields looked like something out of a photograph. It seemed almost familiar.
By the time we got to Bundaberg we were all a little tired having covered around 1500KM in 2 days!
The next day was a shorter drive, however, it was not without its excitement. We got a flat tyre which was a little bit of a pest. We also discovered that the Queensland coast road is not really a coast road! You don't see the water the whole way up!
We found a caravan park around 50KM north of Mackay where we were able to have a shower and all those fancy things!

Day 4 of the road trip was just a short leg, as we only had to get to Cardwell. We got the tyre from yesterday fixed up along the way. The bad news was that the weather was starting to close in.
By the time we got to Cardwell it was really raining and the clouds were so low that we were unable to see Hinchinbrook from the road!!
We booked into the Caravan park are Cardwell, where we met up with the others who had decided to fly up.
After 2500KM in 4 days we had arrived!

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