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Hinchinbrook Island - The walk

Trip: Chillagoe Caves Expedition - 2006

Posted at: 2006-08-15 @ 15:46:22

15th of July
Today we were going from Little Ramsay Bay to Zoe Bay which is one of the longer hops on the walk.
After having a quick breakfast, we packed up and moved out along Little Ramsay Bay beach.
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Little Ramsay Bay

After an hour into the walk we stopped and again dropped the packs to do a short side trip down to Banksia Bay.
Banksia Bay

Banksia Bay

Banksia Bay

After a couple of hours of uphill walking we reached the "saddle". From the "saddle" is was possible to see Zoe bay in the distance.
Zoe bay in the distance

It did not look that far but as we were to learn you have cover a fair bit of country to get there!
From the "saddle" it was downhill into marsh country.
Once on the flat we came to North Zoe Creek which was the first major creek crossing. With almost everyone in my group removing their boots and socks I decided that I would do the same thing. Doing any walking even crossing rivers without ones boots on has never been something I was keen on. The rocks in the creek bed were very slippery and after treading on a sharp rock, recoiling and then treading a slippery one and almost totally falling over backwards into the water I got to the other side.
The sharp rock I had trodden on put a small cut in the inside of my foot, luckily walking did not seem to cause it any trouble. However that was the last time I took my boots off to cross a river!
With all the recent rain the island even creeks that normally don't have water were flowing, one we came to had amazingly blue water.

Blue water

It was not long before we came to more creek crossings, having learnt from last time I just walked right through and put up with the wet feet. A few others in the group were still trying to keep the feet dry and went through the taking boots and socks off deal.
The funny part was it was not the river crossings where everyone got their feet wet, but in-fact a wet marshy section of the walk.

After having spent most of the day walking through rainforest we suddenly came out into more open country.
Open country

Informing us that we were getting closer to Zoe Bay at last!
The Zoe Bay camp site is at the southern end of Zoe Bay, after walking up the beach into the camp site we found that the camp site was starting to get a little full!
Zoe Beach
After exploring the extensive camp we found that there were 2 "rat boxes", with the second one being further away from the beach back in the rainforest with no other people camping near by. So we made it our camp.
The Zoe Bay camp site did not have as easy access to water as Little Ramsay although it was still only a 10 minute walk away. After getting tents put up, we walked up to south zoe river (the water source) and collected water for dinner as well as having a swim. Boy was the water cold!!

After dinner we went to bed early, around 30 minutes later it started raining! Thankfully I had remembered to put my camera in the dry bag and my pack liner is semi water proof.

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