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I've moved to NYC!

Posted at: 2016-12-29 @ 06:36:36

Today I've got some news. No, I'm not pregnant, although that would be odd, interesting and confusing for a few reasons.
I have however moved Countries, that's right I now no longer live in Sydney Australia.

I now call New York city in the US home.

This also means that I've left my previous employer Reckon and now work for a US based company called FarePortal as an AWS Solution Architect.

So far, NYC has been interesting! It's very different to home but enjoyable. I'm certainly loving my 40-minute walk to the office and that we get a decent winter with snow and the whole works!

Apart from moving, I've been up to a few other exciting things that I will be blogging about separately, including reInvent, more software tools I've been building and my journey building up an AWS and agile development practice with a company who is new to it all!

Just for fun, I've included a few fun photos from NYC!

view over the east river
View over the east river

snows here in winter!

Midtown business district
Midtown business district

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