I have never been a fan of fancy job titles, what does, lead architect, consultant, solution architect, engineer actually tell you?

I consider myself engineer with a focus on the practical. i.e. "get stuff DONE!"

I would consider myself somewhat of an AWS specialist, I co-presented at the 2016 AWS Sydney Summit. AWS make great technology, I have a hard time taking people seriously who still consider running your own hardware as a viable solution.

I Love networking and networking protocols. We use these technologies to glue distributed systems together and the internet has a whole for that matter! They matter a lot

I am lucky to get to deal a lot with crypto. I have implemented many systems leveraging various crypto technologies. You won't find me writing the next AES, that's not me, but you will see me ensuring encryption is used correctly in things I engineer to protect information.

When writing software I have used many different languages. I favour good engineering practices vs being wrapped in a single language and trying to use it for everything even if it is not suitable.
I am most experienced in Typescript, raw Javascript, Ruby and Go lang. That said I have written production facing systems in C#, PHP, Python and Javascript React Framework.

Some Projects I am proud of:

I have an adventurous spit and when not at my computer I can be found travelling, caving, rock and ice climbing, hiking, camping, canyoning and enjoying the great outdoors!

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